Compunetics is a powerful software package used for the kinetic fitting of bio/chemical processes, with an emphasis on accessibility for the bench scientist. With an intuitive and dynamic interface, you can identify kinetic parameters and obtain full process understanding, without the substantial cost.

Kinetic analysis is still seen as a specialised and impenetrable field, with kinetic studies scarcely reported in the general chemical literature. This can be mainly attributed to three obstacles for the average researcher: software costs, the ability to code and not knowing where to begin. Compunetics dismantles these obstacles by providing an easy-to-use and powerful kinetic analysis software for process optimisation. No coding knowledge is required, no kinetic expertise is required.

With Compunetics, our easy-to-use interface and step-by-step user guide will allow users to:

Identify reaction pathways

Pinpoint kinetic parameters

Teach and learn physical-organic chemistry

Predict reactivity using a physical model

Optimise reaction outputs

Quantify catalytic activity

Compunetics Features:

  • Model Editor: Dynamic reaction model modification.
  • Statistical Insight: Associated errors for the kinetic fitting of each individual species.
  • Versatile Plotting: Rapidly alter how to convey data and kinetic information.
  • Unique Visualisation: Plot areas of potential reaction activity.
  • Simulation: Extrapolate and alter kinetic constants and starting conditions to predict how a reaction would proceed.
  • Process Optimisation: Utilise machine learning to optimise your bio/chemical process.
  • Data Exporting: Easily extract data from Compunetics for further analysis and plotting.
Compunetics ui
Compunetics is available for download here, please note you must also have specifically MATLAB Runtime 9.7 installed - this is available to download for free here. Affordable educational/academic/industrial licenses are available . You will be redirected to a University of Leeds page to complete your download. Windows only.